Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron, with 2'-FL HMO, For Immune Support, Baby Formula, Powder, 23.2 ounces, 6 count


Similac Pro-Advance helps strengthen your baby’s immune system to be more like a breastfed baby than ever before. How? Similac with 2’-FL helps support baby’s developing immune system by closing multiple gaps in immune function* between formula-fed and breast-fed infants. Unlike other formulas, Similac has 2’-FL HMO, a prebiotic that circulates throughout the body. Moms reported** reduced fussiness, gassiness and spit-up after 1 day. Similac’s biggest breakthrough in nearly a decade comes in two gentle formulas: Similac Pro-Advance and Pro-Sensitive.One 23.2 ounce tub of formula makes 44 4-fluid ounce bottles*As measured in blood samples in a clinical study*After switching to Pro-Advance (Abbott Laboratories (AL) 19 Feeding Study 5.16.17

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