Baby Bottle – Bare Air-Free Feeding System For Gassy, Reflux Babies – With Easy-Latch Nipple – Best For Bottle-Fed Babies – Twin Pack 8oz. Bottles


Bare Air-Free Feeding System, Easy Latch Nipple For Bottle-Fed Babies – 8oz. Twin Pack The Bare Air-Free Feeding System Is Designed To Eliminate Infant GERDS And Must Be Used As Instructed ONLY. Air-free Feeding + Upright Position + Flow Control Technology = No More Gas, Fuss Or Reflux Symptoms. Bare Air-free Offers Pioneering Pediatric Technology That Feeds Baby AIR-FREE Milk, In UPRIGHT Position & Lets Baby CONTROL The FLOW/PACE Of Feeding. These 3 Advancements Lead To Major Health Benefits Such Us, Mitigation Of Gas, Colic And Acid Reflux Symptoms. ALWAYS Feed The Baby In Upright Position, DO NOT Turn Bare Upside Down To Feed. Clinical Studies Show That Bare® Air-free Eliminated Acid Reflux In 75% Of Babies, In The First Two-weeks And When Used As Directed. This Product Contains: (2) Easy-latch Caps (2) Easy-latch Nipples (2) Collars (2) 8oz Size Bottle Containers (2) Air-plugs (2) Feet. Any Questions? Call Our Concierge Support Line. Proper Assembly Is A Must. Please Read And Understand All Instructions Before Assembling The Feeding System. If You Are Having Experiencing Leaks Or Air-gaps, Please Feel Free To Contact The Bittylab Concierge Support Line (Located On The Bittylab Website) For In-depth, One-on-one Instructions For Proper Assembly. Please Visit The Manufacturer's Website To Have Access To Additional Videos And FAQ's!

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