BEBE Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagers, 1 Hard & 1 Soft


Identifying a GENUINE Bebe by Me cookie teether from inferior imitations • Has our TRADEMARKED brand name crafted on • Has DIFFERENT patterns from other imitations • Has DIFFERENT levels of chewiness and textures • Made from the most expensive silicone used widely in hospitals and labs in Japan, not inferior industrial silicone that cheaper products use Why ONLY choose “Bebe by Me” cookies • Bebe by Me is the ORIGINAL, TRADEMARK PROTECTED creator & manufacturer of the cookie teethers (Design Patent Pending) • Bebe by Me uses the most expensive and safest grade of silicone (GE Toshiba silicone standards) to create our own UNIQUE silicone blend for the BEBE cookie teethers • This EXCLUSIVE Bebe by Me's customized silicone is ULTRA Comfortable and Chewy unlike any other teethers on the market Lab tested benefits by pediatricians • Ridged surface massages and soothes sensitive gums • Floral pattern & deep colors stimulate sensory development • Cures teething pain and drooling by 97.6% Package • 2 cookie teethers: Black & Raspberry • 2 detachable cords with safety breakaway clasp for parents to wear or to tie to strollers and carriers only • Freezer friendly, machine washable • 100% FREE from Toxins and BPA Material & the Occasional Freshly Baked Silicone Scent Occasionally some cookies that were just freshly baked might still retain a light silicone scent. Don't let that scare you away. This is a testament that we do not use artificial enhancers for your child's safety. Simply air them out for a day and the scent will disappear.

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