Furniture Anchors (10 Pack) for Baby Proofing, Furniture Straps Anti Tip Furniture Anchor Securing 400 lbs/Keep Baby Pet Safety from Falling Furniture, Metal White Earthquake Straps

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Product Description

Furniture Anchors from Booda Brand

furniture anchorsfurniture anchors

Furniture tip over is an accident that all parents should be aware of, for this is an issue that is related to every child all around the world. Furniture seems to be safe in everyone’s eyes, but incidents may occur just a second. Toddlers like to climb over the drawer and shelves as climbing toys which leads to tip-overs. Without furniture anchored to the wall, serious injury can and does happen at home.

Equipped Features

furniture straps baby proofingfurniture straps baby proofing

Anti-ti furniture strapsAnti-ti furniture straps

furniture strapsfurniture straps

Heavy Duty

With 49 strong steel wires combine in one, the wall anchors create a strong power to withstand 400 lbs heavy duty and a more strong life serving time.

Anti Rust

2 protection layers and stainless steel under the protective coat, the bracket is abrasion resistant and great anti aging ability to deal with different environment without rusting.

Rotatory Switch

For a quick install and easy attach, the furniture anchor is designed with rotatory strap to detach in any time you want in case of house cleaning and remove to reuse in other places.

Multi Installation Ways for Various Furniture

bookcase anchorbookcase anchor

cabinet anchorcabinet anchor

dresser anchordresser anchor

Single Bracket

Anchor furniture straps with single bracket is especially suitable for shelving or rack furniture without back panel. It’s also for securing baby cot to avoid tipping over when the little one climbing.

Dual Brackets & Dual loop

A double protection for heavy tall furniture such as bookcase and tall wardrobes to prevent children from being trap down and causing injuries.

Dual Brackets

Dual Brackets can be installed with short and small furniture like dresser drawer in children’s room or cabinet in the living room to strap them down.

baby furniture anchorsbaby furniture anchors

Booda Brand baby proofing furniture anchorsBooda Brand baby proofing furniture anchors IMPROVE YOUR HOME IN NO TIME

Our mission at Booda Brand is to care for the living space we live in. At Booda Brand, we strive to improve our home life from the high-standard products we make and design. Our brand is committed on fields of daily household usage and baby care to create products that actually make one’s life better, for which we always believe that great tools build for a better living quality and improve happiness!

Booda Brand Furniture Straps(10 Pack)

Anchor Your Peace of Mind

-A furniture strap that adopt premium 304 stainless steel with high quality.

-Anti break steel wire to withhold 400 lbs furniture to avoid tipping down.

– Versatile furniture anchor to protect baby all round: to apply with cot, drawer, bookshelf, storage rack, cabinet, TV stand and more.

– Detachable furniture safety anchors to reuse multiple time.

– Earthquake straps to tightening secure furniture during accidents happen.

Metal wires x 10 Brackets x 20 Wall anchors x 20 Long screws x 20 Short screws x 20

furniture wall anchorfurniture wall anchor

Prevent Furniture Tip-over Injury and Death! Keep Your Child Safe from Now!

When it comes to our homes, safety is paramount. That’s why Booda Brand has created products with a focus on both safety and quality, which help prevent accidents and make every home a safer place for our children.

Children love exploring our home, they are curious about the world and excited to search around as they started running, playing, climbing at home. This is also a time when furniture tip-over accidents happen and cause serious injuries or even death.

However, the incident is preventable, as long as we take action to secure home safety, to install wall anchors to strap down those potential weapons. Do action, and safeguard our children from now!

Main Function
Anchor furniture to the wall to prevent furniture from tipping over. Anchor furniture to the wall to prevent furniture from tipping over. Lock cabinets and drawers to secure child’s safety

Main Feature
Heavy-duty & High Quality Heavy-duty & High Quality Stick on & Invisible

Back of the Furniture Back of the Furniture Inside of the Furniture

Product Material
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Stainless Steel ABS Plastic

Package Quantity
10 Pack 10 Pack 10 Pack

Product Color
White Black White

📌CHILD SAFETY: Nothing is more important than living in a safe place. The furniture anchors will secure your furniture in place firmly so you can be assured that your baby and pet won’t be the victim of furniture tip-overs in your own home. Anchor the furniture wall anchor to prevent the top-heavy and unsteady furniture from dumping, create a safe and sound environment for your little one.
📌HEAVY-DUTY & HIGH QUALITY: The baby proofing furniture straps are made of high-quality stainless steel metal material, which has the features of high impact resistance, good flame-retardant, high stability, anti-aging, and cracking. Properly install two sets of anti-tip furniture anchor on each furniture, which can easily withstand a load of up to 400 lbs.
📌MULTI-USE ON VARIOUS FURNITURE: 10 pack baby proof furniture anchors include all hardware including screws, steel wire straps, brackets, expansion nails. It is widely used to anchor furniture such as bookshelf, bookcase, cabinet, drawer, dresser, TV stand, armoires, wardrobes, and any baby furniture. Ensure all the heavy and tall furniture around your home can be anchored tightly for a child-safe environment.
📌EASY INSTALLATION & QUICK RELEASE DETACHABLE: Anti-tip furniture strap simply attaches to the reverse of the furniture and the other end connects to the wall. Installation takes only a few minutes. As the furniture wall straps with the screw-closure design are detachable, you can easily release the straps when you want to move the furniture or clean the behind of the furniture.
📌EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE: Heavy and tall furniture like storage racks and bookcases are easy to fall when an earthquake happens. Anti-tip furniture anchors not only are designed to baby proof but also can withstand earthquakes and windstorms. The heavy-duty furniture straps can safely secure your furniture items especially the tall furniture that could slide or fall when an earthquake occurs below 5.5 quakes.

Furniture Anchors (10 Pack) for Baby Proofing, Furniture Straps Anti Tip Furniture Anchor Securing 400 lbs/Keep Baby Pet Safety from Falling Furniture, Metal White Earthquake Straps
Furniture Anchors (10 Pack) for Baby Proofing, Furniture Straps Anti Tip Furniture Anchor Securing 400 lbs/Keep Baby Pet Safety from Falling Furniture, Metal White Earthquake Straps


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